Young Specialists Council

The main purpose of the Council is to meet and protect the legitimate social, artistic and other interests of young professionals in the institute, the promotion of young professionals according to the provisions of the "Ukrneftehimproekt" Young Professionals Council.

The main objectives of the Council are:

• contributing to the improvement of the production process in the enterprise;

• promoting young professionals;

• contributing to the active involvement of young professionals to the educational process: training, attending seminars, conferences, exhibitions;

• contributing to the improvement of working conditions;

• supporting creative and talented young people;

• assisting in solving financial problems and improving the living conditions of young professionals;

• promoting healthy lifestyles and conducting recreational activities;

• organization of cultural and entertainment events;

• making proposals for the expansion of the social package.

Basic forms of the Council activities:

• organization and conducting of scientific seminars, lectures, amateur sporting events, mass entertainment;

• organizing and conducting recreational activities;

• making Council proposals to the "Ukrneftehimproekt" management in accordance with the Council objectives.